I'm focused on serving all active sports and fitness/wellness activities at every level-from training through competition. In particular, I want to provide solutions to all the unserved and under-served organizations that would like to use technology to measure athletic performance, but are unable to do so because of the expense of other systems. Very reliable. This same technology is used in homeland defense, tracking of explosives and in vehicle identification. The unique nature of the Dual Frequency system makes it ideal for tracking humans and for a variety of sporting applications with 100 percent accuracy.
The system is very simple. The tag contains a microchip and two antenna loops-one to "wake-up" the tag and the other to send its signal. When the tag comes into contact with the antenna mat, it wakes up and starts sending its unique signal again and again to the reader.

MRTS enters all the race participant information in the race database from the entry forms. Online registration management includes set up, data file import, and payment direction setup. I can provide you a complete participant list sorted by name and/or bib number. Complete data entry of all race day event entrants and upon completion of the race, a complete listing of all the registered entrants can be given to the race director. I can provide Gun Start Time to Chip Finish Time or Start and Finish Chip Timing. All you have to provide is a few volunteers to help at registration table to pass out chips, direct the finishers at the finish line and cut off wire ties to retrieve the timing chips. Prior to race date we will work out how to get pre-registeredinformation and awards setup information. Day of race registration information will need to be provided as soon as participant registers to ensure accurate finish times results.

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